3 Side Aluminum Brush Flip Top Cover

  • Stylish Flip Top Cover with 3 side flip open mechanism
  • Innovative technology and attractive design to serve your modern workplace
  • Ideal for Meeting Room / Cabin Workstation / Board Room / Workstations / Classroom / Study desk for home & hotel
  • Provides a pass-through for a large amount of power & data cabling safely and neatly
  • You can keep the cables organized and concealed away from active sight. This enhances the appeal of your room’s decor.
  • Premium and functional cover for your desk wire holes
  • Chemical attack or rusting would not take its toll on the cables
  • Available in Silver color


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Product description

Disclaimer: Description mention below are standard in nature and has no relationship with the specification mentioned in the options above. Detail mentioned below is only for understanding of product quality as well as its features.

Aluminum Brush Flip Top Cover

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3 Side Aluminum Brush Flip Top Cover

Detailed Description: 3 Side Aluminum Brush Flip Top Cover allows seamless organization of cables without causing them to be entangled inextricably. Through this cover cables can be routed to any appliance without causing them to be laid in open sight. Aesthetic alignment of cables at optimal price

3 Side Aluminum Brush Flip Top Cover

The 3 Side Aluminum Brush Flip Top Cover has been conditioned for tough use and has been fortified with alloys. This removes all traces of brittleness from the product and the grommet would not succumb to fatigue induced wear and tear even under demanding work conditions. The hairy cover on the body of the grommet through which cables are routed eliminate scope of cables sticking together even when ambient temperature rises. This can be attributed to the friction provided by the grommet.

Durable & Sturdy Aluminium Alloy Shell

Simple cost effective system with high quality from Connect System.


Additional Information

Quality and Testing :

  • Flip Top Cover are manufactured using quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.
  • Visual: Configuration and appearance.

Application Range:

  • Workstations
  • Cabins
  • Home Offices
  • Meeting Tables
  • Training Rooms
  • Home Study Table


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