In today’s world, safety is most important criteria for selection of electrical solutions for your offices. So, as Connect System, we stand for safety, reliability & long-lasting solutions at the right price for our customers. Let’s learn something about FASTER CONNECTION: PLUG & Play CONNECTORS.  The Plug & Play Solution for Your Application Wiring of […]

Covid Preparation by Connect System

Dear Customer, Since its declaration as a public health emergency on January 30th, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic has had, and continues to have, an unprecedented impact around the world. In this challenging time, the safety of our employees, customers, and partners is Practico highest priority. Covid Preparation by Connect System In the midst of so […]

Say Goodbye to Outlet Limitations With Cube Connect

In today’s modern work environment, where technology plays a crucial role, having access tosufficient power outlets is essential. Unfortunately, many workspaces lack adequate outlets,resulting in frustrating outlet limitations and the constant juggling of devices.  This is where Connect System comes to the rescue with our innovative solution – Cube Connect.Designed by our efficient team, it is […]

Optimize Your Workspace with Mount Connect: A Futuristic Solution for Modern Convenience

Mount Count

Introducing the new essence of modern convenience that is specially designed to your life hassle-free and comfortable like you are experiencing the future. The innovative design and a seamless integration this device tend to turn a workplace into the streamlined hub of productivity. It is time that you say your goodbyes to the tangled cables […]

Tower Connect: The solution for the modern world connections!

The dynamic needs of modern workplaces are a hard task to analyze, so we bring you a cutting edge solution that innovates and blends technology and attractive design that makes your office place a heavenly indoor to work in!   This independent unit is a perfect match for training rooms, breakout areas, lounge areas and […]

Pull Connect Motorized – Perfect Solution for your Table Electrical Needs

Efficiency and productivity are paramount when working on a project, but when you are about to save the work and the laptop says low battery and at the same, you get an important call and your phone powers off. At this point, you want the outlets on the desk itself that simultaneously charge your devices […]

Platinum Flip Top Box For a Clutter-Free Workspace

Platinum box for table top

A work desk is a multipurpose, versatile space that should be ergonomic and space efficient. But most workspaces need proper connections for A/V connectivity, data, and power. Cords and wires are jumbled up, giving a messy look. Invest In Innovative Cable Management Solutions Investing in an innovative cable management solution for AV, power, and data […]

Intelligent Solution to Transform Your Work Space

Smart Workspace Solutions

If you work from home, your work desk will probably get crowded. Your computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse all take up space. Plus, there are your charging peripherals. All these things have cables and wires running to and from them, which can make the area look messy. Invest in an intelligent Cable Management Solution.  To […]

Innovative Solutions for Waterproof Floor Box to Keep Devices Powered

Innovative Solutions for Water proof floor box

When designing your commercial space, every detail matters, as it makes a statement about your business. Wires running from the floor to the desk look unsightly and can be a trip hazard. Moreover, far-reaching electrical outlets pose ergonomic issues and inconvenience to the users. So, do not leave your workspace in a mess. Turn to […]

Facilitating Workplace Productivity with Innovative Solutions

digital workplace solutions

As a business owner, you must constantly find ways to improve your team’s performance and engagement, boosting productivity. Digital workplace solution is a great enabler of innovation, productivity, and change. Low productivity negatively affects revenue, work quality, and the organization.  Luckily, technology and innovative solutions from Connect System can help facilitate workplace productivity. Here are […]

Electrical Furniture Boxes

Whether an open space with a flexible huddle area or a traditional setup with fixed workstations. Every workspace needs a solution for providing power and connectivity. Adding power, data, audio, video, and charging solutions directly to your furniture can create an inviting and productive space that your employees crave. And with stylish and easy-to-install options […]

2 Years Warranty on All Products

2 Year warranty on all products

Wirings and Your Safety Installation of Popup Box Cable Cubby available at a lesser price or fancy brand name can seem to be a smart move. In the longer run, it can lead to severe problems. Some of them can include the non-availability of spare parts, no service station, and no warranty support available in […]

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