The Plug & Play Solution for Your Application In today’s world, safety is most important criteria for selection of electrical solutions for your offices, As Connect System, we stand for safety, reliability & long-lasting solutions at the right price for our customers Wiring of electrical sockets or lights should always be with plug & play […]

Covid Preparation by Connect System

Dear Customer, Since its declaration as a public health emergency on January 30th, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic has had, and continues to have, an unprecedented impact around the world. In this challenging time, the safety of our employees, customers, and partners is Practico highest priority. In the midst of so much uncertainty, Practico is committed […]

2 Years Warranty on All Products

2 Year warranty on all products

Wirings and Your Safety Installation of Popup Box / Cable Cubby available at a lesser price or fancy brand name can seem to be a smart move. In the longer run, it can lead to severe problems. Some of them can include the non-availability of spare parts, no service station, and no warranty support available […]

How is a conference table cable management box helping to develop a better interior for offices?

Flip Connect

You might have offered in the conference rooms in the corporate building, offices, enterprises and even schools, that a huge projector is installed. The installation of the projector is a huge task in itself. In addition, there is an arrangement for audio and video jacks. There is also an arrangement of computer screens and speakers […]

What are cable management solutions? How are they helpful?

Work Connect

Cable management solutions are the best utilization of the new generation technology. They refer to the process of the effective management of the electrical and the optical cables in a desk or a cabinet. They have been designed keeping in mind the high dependency on multi-utility furniture. At the same time, this is very effective for […]

What are the uses of pop-up table sockets?

Pop-up Sockets

There has been a growing demand for pop-up table sockets. These are considered to be the best add-on utility device. It tries to promote the comfort of the people by providing them with a popup table socket portable charging and connecting point. This charging and the connecting point is very essential because almost every person needs to […]

How to Create a Productive Workstation?

Table Connect Standard

For most people, the office is where they spend the majority of their time. For those who work from home either full-time or as a side business, the home office can be the primary location where work gets done. But regardless of where you work, you need to be productive and maximize your time. This […]

Cable management has several advantages that are critical to its success

cable cubby box

The investment in information technology and infrastructure is one of the most important things a company can do. The result is that cables and the cable management systems that support them are critical components of information technology, even though they are often overlooked. Moreover, selecting the most appropriate cabling system may significantly influence a variety […]

When and Where Can You Use a Floor Outlet Pop Up?

pop-up floor boxes

Open areas entail several tough decisions, particularly in the electrical sector. On the one hand, they give ample space and design alternatives; on the other hand, they need innovation in appliance placement and lighting installation. While it may be desirable to knock down particular walls to provide more space and natural light in living areas […]

Use of Dual Monitor Arm Stand

dual monitor arm stand

Have you been in the position to see a computer monitor standing on the desk and sitting in front of it to operate the same? In such a situation, you might have come across the factor that the people who are sitting before the monitor screen continuously tend to develop one or the other spinal […]

Choosing a Connectivity Box for a Conference Table

cable management of conference table

Choosing the appropriate connection box for a conference table does not have to be complicated. If they know all of their needs, such as design, size, and kind of connections, they can rapidly reduce their search by comparing the many connector boxes on the market. Power modules are typically available in black or silver and […]

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