The Plug & Play Solution for Your Application In today’s world, safety is most important criteria for selection of electrical solutions for your offices, As Connect System, we stand for safety, reliability & long-lasting solutions at the right price for our customers Wiring of electrical sockets or lights should always be with plug & play […]

Covid Preparation by Connect System

Dear Customer, Since its declaration as a public health emergency on January 30th, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic has had, and continues to have, an unprecedented impact around the world. In this challenging time, the safety of our employees, customers, and partners is Practico highest priority. In the midst of so much uncertainty, Practico is committed […]

Ipad Mount

Ipad Mount – Cable Management System The Tablet Kiosk Stand is a stylish yet substantial stand-alone tablet enclosure kiosk, suitable for a number of tablet and iPad kiosk applications, that is robust enough to withstand everyday use in busy environments. This universal tablet kiosk stand is unique to the standard tablet stand as it combines both aesthetics […]


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Get the Power Outlets You Need For Your Workstation

power outlets for workstations

Power outlets for the workspace have become extremely important. This information combines everything one needs to know about using power outlets for workstations. 1) Keep one’s computer charged. Many offices are now requiring employees to use laptops instead of desktop computers due to their smaller size and portability. Unfortunately, this can cause problems if the laptop isn’t […]

Five Tips for Choosing the Right Power Outlet Table for One’s Workspace

Cable Management

Power outlet tables are an excellent choice for computer workstations, especially if one has a lot of equipment that needs to be plugged into power at all times. Here are some tips to help ensure that they choose the best possible table for their space. Do not buy a cheap flat surface just because it […]

The Benefits of USB Outlets: Protecting One’s Devices

power outlets

Many people use USB ports to charge their devices, and some even use them for laptops. They are a standard in the technology industry and more common than ever before. Having one of these slots in an outlet is both convenient and economical for consumers. Here are six benefits of USB outlets: 1) Multiple Portability One […]

Mentioning The Major Benefits Of Dual Monitor Mounts

benefits of dual mount monitors

In this digital world, every organization relies on computers to perform multiple functions, which results in various health issues. A dual monitor stand not only solves these health problems but also helps to increase the productivity of the business. Through this article, you will learn some major benefits of dual mount monitors. Enhanced productivity: One of the most […]

5 Different Types Of Power Outlets To Install In Your Space

Solutions For Your Workstation

If you are planning to make electrical upgrades in your house, then you should start by changing the power outlets of your space. There are many power outlets that can fulfill the electricity requirements of your house. Some of them are mentioned in the below-given article. 20 A Volt Outlets: If the devices in your space need more […]

How to Create a Functional Conference Table Power Module?

Smart Connect

If you don’t already have a conference table with USB and data ports, adding them can improve your overall event efficiency and impact. A conference table that doesn’t have ports can limit people’s devices and computers as they’re trying to connect with a host device or as they’re working from their device to create the […]

Power Outlets – Clean Energy, CPS Energy

Round Connect of Conference table

Power outlets are an important element of everyone’s daily lives. All rely on power outlets to charge their phones, watch TV, connect to the internet, and pretty much everything else. When was the last time one was without power for more than a few minutes? Did one feel frightened? Were their kids able to function […]

Three Side Flip Cover for the Modern Workplace

three side flip cover

Clean up Cable Clutter on your Desk with Three Side Flip Cover Cable and wire clutter is one of the technology’s biggest annoyances, especially on the modern work desk. Sure, we all are trying to go wireless as much as possible, but there are still plenty of cables snaking on the table. All those wires […]

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