Water Proof Floor Box – Small

Fully protected from dust and water
It withstands water flow at 1kg/cm in any direction
Water Proof floor box has heavy duty Stainless Steel flap cover, It has a locking system which wires do not break while using the box.
Pop them up when you need them, Tuck them away when you don’t
Stainless Steel top cover with a load capacity of 800kg
Unbreakable Box with Stainless sheet Top Cover with Brush finish
You can use for Home / Office / Hospital / Schools / Hotels


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Product Description

Disclaimer: Images/ Description mention below are standard in nature and has no relationship with the specification mentioned in the options above. Detail mentioned below is only for the understanding of product quality as well as its features. However, there may be some specification which is similar to the options mentioned above.

Water Proof Floor Box - Small

Our universal socket is 6Amp rated and accept all types of plugs, is completely safe to use.

Water Proof Floor Box - Small

HDMI port comes with port pure copper conductor triple shielding and gold-plated full metal jacket female to female connectors

Water Proof Floor Box - Small

Cat 6 data port/RJ45 comes with female to female Ethernet LAN connectors. Rj45/ Cat 6 data port connectors can speed up to 10 gigabytes and 16Amp switch has an earthing port for the total shock proof body.

Water Proof Floor Box - Small

You can connect universal socket with your Monitor, CPU, Speakers, Laptop, Modem, TV, Sound System and many other 6Amp electric appliances.Connect your data port with PC, laptop, DVR, Media Centre, or Game consoles.


Additional Information

Stainless Steel
All Connect System products are manufactured to enable compliance with BS 1363
Certification : BS 1363 & BS 1363 – 2

Earth Bonding :
An external earth terminal allows connection of earth bonding leads without dismantling the unit.

Quality and Testing :
All Water Proof Floor Box units are manufactured using quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch.
Visual: Configuration and appearance.
Power sockets: Continuity, polarity, insulation & earth

Application Range:
Home Offices
Bed Side Floor Box
Training Rooms
Floor Box for Table Lamp



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