In today’s world, safety is most important criteria for selection of electrical solutions for your offices. So, as Connect System, we stand for safety, reliability & long-lasting solutions at the right price for our customers. Let’s learn something about FASTER CONNECTION: PLUG & Play CONNECTORS. 

The Plug & Play Solution for Your Application

Wiring of electrical sockets or lights should always be with plug & play connectors. Therefore, we can make it more secure and at the same time makes it faster execution and last long-lasting solution.

Industrially prefabricated and durable connectors boast and impressive 70% time saving and 30% cost saving. So, our connectors enables simple, cost effective and future proof electrical installations

To make plug & play, our GST Connectors play a very important role , with male and Female Connectors. So, the connections are locked to each other and even if you touch live connector , you will not get shock , as connections are inside the connector and top surface has no current

Female Connector


Male Connector           

To make faster execution of work and to make flexible spaces, our Distributor plays an important role

From Above diagram, you can see following things:

1. First wire is coming from the floor to the workstation

2. Second this wire from floor is connected to one female connector. So. this female connector is giving power to the distributor

3. Third from distributor, four connections are coming out to give power to four workstations

By this way, you just have to give power to one female connector and all the workstations will be live in few minutes

For example, if you have 200 workstations and you have cluster of 4 workstations , so you have 50 x 4 = 200 workstations , each workstations will have 2 power sockets and 1 switch

Total socket = 200 x 2 = 400

No. of Total switch = 200 x 1 = 200

Total Connections = 600

With our Distributor, you need to connect only one female connector and just required to give connection to 50 female connector only. Whereas, conventional wiring , you need to give connection to 600 connections

Comparison of Normal Wiring and Wiring using Connectors

Normal Wiring Wiring using Connectors
1. Each & every socket must be
1. Only one female connector to be
2. Connections are with taping system 2. Connections are secured with
Interlocable connectors
3. Lose connections are possible 3. No lose connection
4. As per above example , Total 600 connections to be made 4. Only 50 connections to be made, we have to connect only one
female connector per workstations
5. Reconfiguration of workstations is not possible, due to hard wire 5. Just remove one female connector and entire cluster can be
6. Incidences like fire can occur due to lose connection 6. Lockable connectors make it most secured system and no change of
fire due to connectors

Different Type of Distributors

Type Of Distributors


1 Input – 5 Output



It has 1 input and distribute to 5 units , good for cluster of 5 workstations

1 Input – 3 Output


It has 1 input and distribute to 3 units , good for cluster of 3 workstations



1 Input – 2 Output


It has 1 input and distribute to 2 units , good for cluster of 2 workstations


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