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Intelligent Solution to Transform Your Work Space

Smart Workspace Solutions

If you work from home, your work desk will probably get crowded. Your computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse all take up space. Plus, there are your charging peripherals. All these things have cables and wires running to and from them, which can make the area look messy. Invest in an intelligent Cable Management Solution.  To […]

How to Create a Functional Conference Table Power Module?

Smart Connect

If you don’t already have a conference table with USB and data ports, adding them can improve your overall event efficiency and impact. A conference table that doesn’t have ports can limit people’s devices and computers as they’re trying to connect with a host device or as they’re working from their device to create the […]

Smart Solutions for your Conference Table

Round Connect of Conference table

It’s been months since we all have been working from home. You must be getting ready to head back to your office. All your office conferences must be happening at your home, but now you must move back to your office conference room. Although it’s such a common activity, having a meeting or conference in […]

Power Options for Tables in Modern-Day Conference Rooms

Power Options for Tables

A conference room is a meeting room where people assemble for various reasons, from educational to business-related discussions like meeting clients, carrying out training sessions for workers, or taking interviews. A conference room requires different types of equipment depending upon the type of meeting. This blog is about the Power Options for Tables in Modern-Day […]

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