Flip Cover for the Modern Workplace

Flip Top Cover Advance

Eliminate Clutter at Your Table with Soft Closing Flip Cover

When working at an office or home, your table might be cluttered with a lot of cables and wires. Such working space hurts your work and hinders efficiency.

If clutter is what you see, then it is time to organize it. Cable management is the perfect solution to keep those tangled wires and cords safe, functional, and organized.

Cable Management for Tables

We all have been there when we wanted to pull our hair out in frustration while trying to untangle and differentiate between computer, video, audio, and power cords. Likewise, when it is time to replace or perform routine maintenance on network equipment, you would not want to dig through a web of identical cables to find the one you need.

Cable management is a solution for all your chaos. It not only provides you with a cleaner and more organized table. It also extends the life and maximizes the performance of the cables and wires. Connect Systems provides a Soft Closing Flip Cover to keep all those wires, cables, and cords concealed away without cluttering the space.

Soft Closing Flip Cover

Create clean work surfaces by collecting cables and power sockets with a Soft Closing Flip Cover. Our cable management solution is a seamless way to organize cables and cords both above and below the table giving a clean and calm impression, therefore making space for more creativity and productivity.

The product keeps the wires concealed away from sight and helps you easily route the cables to any appliance or gadget on your worktable. It has an innovative design with an advanced top cover with soft closing and flip-open mechanism, and the attractive design makes it ideal for your modern workplace. Moreover, it is conditioned for tough use and is fortified with alloys making it rust and chemical resistant. Click on the below button to order Flip Cover for the Modern Workplace.

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