Power up Your Smartphone with Wireless Charger

If you frequently lose charging cables or live in a family where iPhones and Androids coexist peacefully, then it is time to invest in a wireless charging pad. It serves as a universal charging option for supported iPhones and Android devices, helps cut cable clutter, and is harder to break.

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is the transfer of power from the power outlet to your device, without the need for a cable. The power is created by passing the electrical current through two coils to create an electromagnetic field.

Once the magnetic plate on the smartphone connects with the transmitter, it generates an electrical current within the phone. The current generated is converted into direct current (DC), which charges the built-in battery.

However, if you are wondering which wireless charger to invest in? Then Connect System brings to you the best one at an affordable price.

Wireless Charger

Connect System’s Wireless Charger is a stylish and sophisticated round-shaped fantasy charger to effortlessly charge any smartphone without the need for a connecting cable. The minimalistic design offers you a unique way to power up your smartphones without any need to plug the phone into a USB port or wall charger. With a dual charging system, USB A, and USB C ports, the wireless charger helps charge your mobile quickly and efficiently. Simply place the mobile on the charger to charge.

This sleek and minimalistic wireless charger makes a stylish addition to your home office, home study table, cabins, workstations, office, meeting tables, and training rooms. What more? The wireless charger can be kept above the table, below the table, or fixed inside the table as per your convenience to power up your mobile. The unit is manufactured using quality-controlled parts and is tested before dispatch to seamlessly charge up your smartphones.

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For More Details, please visit our website : https://www.connectsystem.in/product/wireless-charger/



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