Smart Solutions for your Conference Table

Round Connect of Conference table

It’s been months since we all have been working from home. You must be getting ready to head back to your office. All your office conferences must be happening at your home, but now you must move back to your office conference room. Although it’s such a common activity, having a meeting or conference in an office conference room, you must be facing a lot of challenges, like searching for a plug point for your laptop or phone at the right time. Now that could be an easy distraction while your boss is passing on important information. So what you need is a few smart solutions like a conference table electrical box or a laptop/tablet mount, or various connectors before you go to your conference meetings at your office.

  • Electrical floor boxes

Always in a conference room, people don’t get enough plug points to charge their phone when they need it the most. So an electrical floor box can be very useful for this scenario. They have multiple plug points from where multiple people can charge their devices. You can install them right below your conference table so that everyone can access them.

  • Wireless Chargers

Even if you have an electrical floor box, a lot of people will be charging from a single box. That will cause a lot of wires to lay there. It’s never a good idea to tangle between lots of wires. So a smart solution for this situation can be a wireless charger. These chargers can be installed above your table or below or inside the table as well. You might need a conference table power module to power the wireless charger.

  • AV Connect

Although offices are opening, you will be joining the meetings from your conference room. Still, there are a lot of people who will still be joining you virtually. For a conference room, having a huge high-quality TV for virtual meetings is a necessity for any conference room. We will need an audio connection also or even a projector connection. AV Connect is the smart solution for this. AV Connect comes with a VGA connector, HDMI connector, audio output connection also. So for your virtual meetings, this AV Connector takes care of it all.

  • Monitor Arms

While working with a laptop or desktop computer for hours, your neck or back hurts a lot, even if you have a comfortable chair. If we can’t adjust our monitor, then we need to duck or crunch and stay in the position for hours, and that hurts bad later. So the smart solution for this would be a monitor arm. You can keep your neck back in a comfortable position whilst you move your monitor according to your preference. So no more neck or back pain after work hours.

While there are so many smart solutions for your conference meeting table, these are the best ones that help out the most. Having the right smart equipment for your office conference room can also boost your productivity and collaboration with others. Look for the best smart solution that works out for you and your conference table.

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