Turn Connect for the Modern Workplace

Turn Connect

Give Your Meeting Room a Whole New Look with Turn Connect

Take a good look at your meeting room. Do you see a flexible and well-organized space that can be adapted for a wide range of uses? Or you see a jumble of cords and cables running every way, cluttering the floor and the table? However, this blog we will let you know about Turn Connect for the Modern Workplace.

If chaos is what you see in your meeting room, then it is time to change all that. Therefore, Integrate power into your meeting room table with Connect System solutions and ensure that everybody has easy access to power and data connections.

Meeting room atmosphere is important

In a meeting room, the atmosphere plays an essential role, as all the important content is discussed and clarified in the room. So, great emphasis must be given to the smooth integration of technology and possibilities for flexibility in the use of the room.

Perfect technology and media connections

Connect System provides innovative and easy-to-install meeting room solutions with perfect technology and media connections. However, the innovative product meets the demands for more productive and flexible work environments, keeps power, A/V, and communications cables and cords neatly organized. Our power unit complements any modern office design without sacrificing functionality and durability. The innovative product is Turn Connect.

Turn Connect powers modern meeting rooms with its contemporary look. It is a stylish way of supplying USB charging, data, and AV connections to the meeting room tables. The stylish design of the Turn Connect integrates well with the table blending seamlessly, virtually disappearing into the surface.

Turn Connect comes with sockets built in a box with a turning mechanism. So, you can turn the box upside down when you want to use it and hide it when not in use. It features a 6 Amp universal socket, 16A switch, Cat 6 data port, USB charging 2.1 Amp cable, Audio port, HDMI port, and VGA port to meet all your charging needs.

Turn Connect is aesthetically design and pre-wired to facilitate easy use with no tangled wires. Moreover, it is highly customizable as per your needs and demands.

Place the order now: https://www.connectsystem.in/?product_cat=&s=Turn+connect&post_type=product

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