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Smart Workspace Solutions

If you work from home, your work desk will probably get crowded. Your computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse all take up space. Plus, there are your charging peripherals. All these things have cables and wires running to and from them, which can make the area look messy.

Invest in an intelligent Cable Management Solution. 

To combat the mess and keep your desk organized while having access to AV, power, and data ports, invest in a cable management solution from Connect System.

Our intelligent cable management solutions enhance your work space’s uniqueness and give it an aesthetic appeal. The product meets the essential requirements of comfort, safety, and energy efficiency, allowing you to adapt your working environment to suit changing lifestyles. The intelligent solution is Track Connect.

Track Connect 

Track Connect is the first-of-its-kind electrical power outlet system that is safe, practical, and versatile. It allows you to add, remove, and reposition universal power sockets anytime, anywhere, with just a simple twist. 

It helps to do away with the need for external power strips and extension cables and reduce dangerous cable clutter and PowerPoint overloading. It is 16 Amp rated with HDMI, VGA, and Cat 6 data port and accepts all plugs, offering you convenience. 

Track Connect Lifestyle

Track Connect is architecturally versatile and designed for a wide range of applications. You can easily use it in the kitchen, living room, home office, study room, and bedroom, giving the room a pleasing look. 

Moreover, Track Connect is child-proof and shockproof and has a blue LED light that turns on when the product is in use. 

Free yourself from the limitations of the conventional power outlet and embrace the power of Connect System‘s Track Connect universal socket to keep the tangled wires mess at bay. 

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