Connect System is now 100% Made in India

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On the Occasion of  The 75th Independence Day of our Nation, We are proud to announce that Our Connect System electrical solutions Are Now 100% Made in India

We must ‘Make for the World’ as we ‘Make in India’: PM Modi Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on 15th August 2020 and here at Connect Systems, we quickly embraced it.

Our Made in India initiative will provide support in the growth of our nation and Furthermore, Our Customers will get following benefits due to this initiative.


With setting up research and development centers at our premises, it becomes easy to provide tailor-made solutions to the customers according to their needs. Besides this, every customer faces different challenges to be solve. Hence, we can design the product according to client requirement.


Another benefit that a customer can avail post-purchase of the product is the flexibility in terms of after-sales service. We can provide service to our customers with in 24 hours of customer call, we have made Toll Free Number ( 18001028039 ) where customer can call us anytime and can get the service within 24 hours


Every customer plans to get the materials or the products at the best value for Money. With in-house manufacturing, we can design the product at the best price point by maintaining the same quality. So, the ‘Make in India’ initiative is to support the same cause and give our customers best Value for Money


Customers save a lot of time, with in-house manufacturing unit. Moreover, all the components are manufacture and assemble at one place which eventually reduces the time to deliver the product.

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