Tower Connect

Tower Connect For Workplace

We know that it can be hard to charge all the gadgets at the same time. It’s especially when the room has insufficient sockets. You will read may things about Tower Connect in this blog.

To help deal with your problem, Connect System has come up with a revolutionary electrical power outlet system., Tower Connect.

The innovative technology and attractive design of its gels well with your modern workplace or home providing you direct access to the power and communication connections.

Our free-standing unit is a plug and play 6Amp rated socket as well as a pre-wired solution for power, data, audio, and video. It is completely safe to use as it has an earthing port for a total shock-proof body. Tower Connect features Cat 6 data port with a 1.5-meter wire making. It is an ideal for a breakout area, training room, lounge area, board room, and your home.

You can easily connect this vertical universal socket with your monitor, laptop, modem, TV, CPU, Sound System, Speakers as well as charge all your gadget at once.

For More Detail, please visit our website: Tower Connect

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