Electrical Furniture Boxes

Whether an open space with a flexible huddle area or a traditional setup with fixed workstations. Every workspace needs a solution for providing power and connectivity. Adding power, data, audio, video, and charging solutions directly to your furniture can create an inviting and productive space that your employees crave. And with stylish and easy-to-install options from Connect System, you can save space design, and time without breaking your budget.

Power within reach with Move Connect 

Bring the power, AV connectivity, and charging right up to desks and tabletops. Move Connect is an innovative, simple way of doing so. It is the industry’s gold standard for conference tables, meeting room tables, cabin workstations, and study desks. The unit mounts directly to surfaces and features a lid with a cable pull-out to keep all the patch cords inside the box, thus facilitating easy use with no tangled wires. The universal socket can easily be used from both sides of the table and is highly customizable per your needs and demands. The elegant design and color blend nicely with any furniture and room décor.

Seamless and small without compromising power, the Round Connect

The elegant table mountable cable management solution, Round Connect, offers discreet access to AV connectivity and AC/USB power that you need in a small, flush design that blends seamlessly with your surroundings. Perfect for tables, this easy-to-install unit brings the convenience of outlets, HDMI port, and USB charging port in a subtle, stylish way. 

Flip up your thinking with Flip Connect

Flip Connect brings ready access to power, charging, and communications to surfaces and countertops. It enhances meeting tables, cabin workstations, board rooms, and study desks with its sleek, attractive design. At the same time, the low profile integrates well with table surfaces. Flip Connect is a built-in box with a flip-open mechanism that allows you to flip the box when you want to use it and flip it down to hide when not using it. The unit is a perfect addition to any horizontal surface in silver color with various power options.

Plug and play connection on table with Table Connect 

A big tangle of cables on the desk looks unsightly and can cause accidents. Table Connect from Connect System is a stylish new solution for supplying accessible power and communication connections to the modern workplace. It is not just stylish, but functional with plug and play and pre-wired for data and power connections. The angled sockets allow easy connections and keep the cables within the unit rendering a clean look. Moreover, it is a reconfigurable system for future use. It is easy to install without damaging the tabletop occupying very little space and either raised above, on, or below the tabletop. 

Contact Connect System today for more information on the products and other electrical furniture boxes and get discreet power, audio, video, and charging solutions right on your desks.

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