Facilitating Workplace Productivity with Innovative Solutions

Innovative Workplace Solutions

As a business owner, you must constantly find ways to improve your team’s performance and engagement, boosting productivity. Digital workplace solution is a great enabler of innovation, productivity, and change.

Low productivity negatively affects revenue, work quality, and the organization. 

Luckily, technology and innovative solutions from Connect System can help facilitate workplace productivity.

Here are some of our electrical equipment with communication networks designed for each space in the office. They can be adapted to any layout, are energy efficient, and help to boost productivity.

1. For Individual Offices

Charging all devices simultaneously is challenging, especially when the room needs more sockets. The solution is Track Tower Connect. It is a revolutionary electrical power outlet system with an attractive design, providing direct access to power and communication connections. The free-standing unit is a plug-and-play 6 Amp rated socket and is a pre-wired solution for power, data, audio, and video. 

It also features Cat 6 data port with a 1.5-meter wire, making it ideal for individual offices like a cabin, training room, and board room. You can easily connect this vertical universal socket with your monitor, laptop, modem, TV, CPU, Sound System, & Speakers and charge all your gadgets simultaneously. Track Tower connect


track tower connect2. For Workstations

For the modern workplace, connectivity is vital, and Work Connect is a versatile solution. It offers the best power connectivity for your workstation as it seamlessly integrates into the table. This stylish yet durable socket enhances your workstation’s appearance while providing a plug-and-play solution to power up your devices.

The stylish electrical outlet has various options for all your needs. It features a universal socket, 6 A Indian socket, 16 A Indian socket, and an IEC socket. Moreover, it is pre-wired with all the wires for power, video, and data. It has a flip-top cover that keeps it hidden from sight when not in use.


Work connect

3. For Open Spaces

For open spaces with high traffic, you need waterproof floor boxes that provide discreet access to sockets. Our Waterproof Floor Boxes are designed for outdoor use with a pop-up 6 Amp universal socket, HDMI port, and Cat 6 data port/RJ45 with female-to-female Ethernet LAN connectors. It can withstand a load capacity of 800 kg and has an easy-to-use push button for quick access. Pop the box up when needed and tuck it away for a smooth surface. 

These are some of our innovative solutions that facilitate workplace productivity. If you want to know more about our products, don’t hesitate to contact Connect System today. 


Water proof floor box - medium

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