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AV Connectivity and Cable Management with Move Connect

You have an important meeting and enter the meeting room 10 minutes before the scheduled time to prepare and set things up. But wait, you have an issue with AV connectivity and the room has tangles of power cords and extenders. You call in the technical expert to check on, and 10 minutes seem a short time to get things ready.

If this situation seems common to you, you belong to most of the companies that do not have an active AV connectivity and cable management plan.

How to make your meeting room better?

A surefire way to make sure the meeting or conference room does not look like a cable jungle or have poor AV connectivity is to plan when furnishing and equipping your meeting room. If you plan every aspect of your meeting room, it is easier to have a tidy room.

However, you need to answer a few questions like how many pieces of equipment you need? Where should they be located? And what type of cable connections are required? Once you answer all these questions, you get a good overview of the meeting room equipment.

However, if your meeting room is furnished, ripping up the floorboards is not feasible. Don’t worry, there are cable management solutions for you as well.

Move Connect from Connect System

Connect System brings to you Move Connect. The universal socket is the gold standard for the meeting rooms, cabin workstations, board rooms, study desk AV connectivity, and cable management. It is a sophisticated and durable furniture mountable socket that blends seamlessly with any furniture and room décor. Also, the installation is easy, as it comes with an integrated clamp system to quickly secure the socket to furniture without cutting into the surface. Move Connect is 6Amp rated and features Cat 6 data port, USB charging 2.1 Amp cable, Audio port, HDMI port, and VGA port to meet all your needs.

The universal socket comes with a lid and cable pull-out to keep all the patch cords inside the box and aesthetically designed to facilitate easy access.

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