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Work Connect

Work Connect for the Modern Workplace

You rely on various types of technology in your workplace to get the job done right. However, when it comes to your workstation, technology can play an important role, but when struggling to plug in and connect devices, it can feel like an annoyance, rather than an asset.

Power source for workstation tables

For the modern workplace, connectivity is crucial. However, you may have power outlets built below your worktable but having a power outlet and Ethernet LAN port right on the table allows you to charge your electronic devices easily and conveniently.

Why opt for a workstation table with power connectivity?

Why should you opt for a workstation table with power connectivity and data services, when you can pick out any table you like and use the outlets you have in the room to connect devices? The answer comes down to aesthetics and function.

The visual appeal of your workstation is important. Why settle for power outlets below the table or have wall electrical outlets installed on the table? These are solutions are hazardous as the wires are dangling below your table and you can trip while standing. Also, it is not convenient, as you have to bend over to reach the outlet. So, the wall outlets on the table do not offer plug-and-play solutions and are neither modular.

Enjoy having an unobtrusive place to plug-in devices that seamlessly integrate into the design of the table and work connect from Connect System is the best solution. It is a soft wiring solution for your modern workstation and is offered at same price as conventional electrical outlets.

Work Connect offers the best power connectivity for your workstation seamlessly integrating into the table. It enhances the appearance of your workstation and fosters intuitive connections between technology and you. Having a workstation table with plug points is convenient than bend over to plug-in devices and stumble over cords.

Work Connect is a safe, versatile, compact, and modular yet durable electrical socket below the flip-top cover. We can provide various options for sockets like Universal Socket, 6 A Indian Socket, 16 A Indian Socket, and IEC Socket. Work Connect is plug-and-play and pre-wired solution with all the wires for power, video, and data.  

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