Pull Connect Motorized – Perfect Solution for your Table Electrical Needs

Efficiency and productivity are paramount when working on a project, but when you are about to save the work and the laptop says low battery and at the same, you get an important call and your phone powers off. At this point, you want the outlets on the desk itself that simultaneously charge your devices to save you from the hassle. It also helps enhance your productivity and efficiency as you do not have to look around for the outlets.

Invest in Pop-up Electrical Outlet

Investing in an innovative power outlet offers you the convenience of charging all your devices at once right on the desk, helps avoid the expenditure of wiring, and avoids the mess of wires and cables. The pop-up electrical outlet is Pull Connect Motorized from Connect System.

Pull Connect Motorized

It is a fully automatic pop-up plug socket that resembles little towers lined with power sockets and jacks. The innovative electrical outlet has a built-in motorized mechanism enabling easy operation. When in a closed position, touch the surface on the top of the pop-up socket, and it will rise gently with the twinkling of the LED lights. When no longer required, it requires a gentle touch to latch into place, leaving the desktop clear and tidy.

Moreover, it has anti-bump functionality that stops it from popping up when something hinders the path. Also, it avoids hurting your hand when something comes in the way while turning it off by rebounding some distance.

This comprehensive pop-up socket has been developed for use in meeting rooms, cabin workstations, board rooms, and study desks, providing power sockets so you can conveniently power your PC, laptops, monitors, etc.

It provide easy connectivity for your computer and laptop and there is USB charging dock to charge your smart devices. And finally, the top has a built-in wireless charger for wireless-enabled phones.

Furthermore, it is easy to install by making cut out in the table top. Plug in the power cable to a nearby wall outlet.

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