Platinum Flip Top Box For a Clutter-Free Workspace

Platinum box for table top

A work desk is a multipurpose, versatile space that should be ergonomic and space efficient. But most workspaces need proper connections for A/V connectivity, data, and power. Cords and wires are jumbled up, giving a messy look.

Invest In Innovative Cable Management Solutions

Investing in an innovative cable management solution for AV, power, and data port access is a convenient option to ensure your work desk does not look like a mess of wires and cables. The solution efficiently avoids unsightly, frustrating, and hindering a mess of wires and cords while giving you access to tabletop electrical outlets and switch sockets. The innovative solution we are talking about is platinum.



Platinum is a double-side flip-top box from Connect System. It is a flush-mount modular desktop cable management system with a configurable control and connectivity solution to offer a clutter-free workspace. 

It is hidden in table mounting and has a double-side flip-open design that keeps the cables organized & concealed away from active sight. Moreover, the brush cover lets you easily access cables from both sides of the table, offering convenience and protecting the sockets and cables from water and dust. 

With the Platinum box installed on your table, you can connect any device that might enter the room. Choose from AV and communication connector plates, including HDMI, USB charging, audio, and VGA ports, as per your needs. 

Also, you can equip the Platinum box with an AC power outlet to charge laptops and other devices. Available in a silver aluminum finish, it complements the décor of your workspace. The innovative technology and attractive design are cost-effective and ideal for serving your modern workplace

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