Round Connect

Round Connect

Every detail matters when designing a Workstation, meeting room to make a statement. You will read few things about round connect with this blog.

That is why Connect System has created an architecturally attractive connectivity solution.


It is an elegant table mountable cable management solution that provides discreet access for AV connectivity and AC/USB power. It blends seamlessly with your surroundings and small size 80 mm diameter so it fit to any table size

The round connect has a 6Amp universal socket that accepts all types of plugs. So, that helps meet the charging needs of various devices like mobile, iPad, tablet, music player, and more. It features Cat 6 data port and HDMI port with a 1.5 meter wire for plug and play use. Our Round Connect has innovative technology and attractive design to fit seamlessly in your modern workspace. If we talking about the workstations, workstation doesn’t need more things for connecting a laptop charging and mobile charging or data  for laptop. So, these three things comes inside this box. However, the socket has the shutter so the water/dust cannot go inside.


  • Ideal for round meeting room table/ Board room/ Workstations/ Study Desk for home and hotel
  • Innovation technology and attractive design to serve your modern work place.
  • Pre wired for Power / Data / Audio / Video.


  • Stylish innovative design
  • Ideal for exchanging an already existing 80mm cable grommet
  • Various options for workstation
  • Due to the small dimension, specially space-saving in small tables
  • Rated for 220-250V
  • Comes with GST connectors to connect power supply
  • Convenient to use

Other Features:

  • It’s very sleek and smart box
  • Doesn’t occupy space on the table
  • You can use your table completely without any hindrance
  • Flush with Table Top level, makes it more convenient to use

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