Three Side Flip Cover for the Modern Workplace

three side flip cover

Clean up Cable Clutter on your Desk with Three Side Flip Cover

Cable and wire clutter is one of the technology’s biggest annoyances, especially on the modern work desk. Sure, we all are trying to go wireless as much as possible. There are still plenty of cables snaking on the table.

All those wires give an unsightly look and hamper work productivity. So, what is the solution? Keep all the cables and wires concealed with cable management solutions.

Organize and Manage Cables on your Desk

The charging cord for your laptop and phone, USB hubs, mouse, audio, video, power cords, and other odds and ends create a mess in any workspace. When your work desk is messy, you cannot find the right cable instantly to get the work done and this hinders productivity. It is time to learn to organize and manage cables on and under your desk.

You can use various cable management solutions available like cable ties, stick-on-clips, and even binder clips to keep all the wires in place. However, these solutions do not conceal away the wires. The best solution is to use three Side Flip Cover from Connect System. It helps keep all the cables and wires concealed away keeping your work desk clutter wire and organized.

Three Side Flip Cover

The Three side flip cover is a super stylish and versatile solution to hide any jumble of cables giving your desk a clean look. Our cable management solution helps you stay organized and keep the mess hidden to make your workspace look open and more attractive.

Our stylish flip-top cover can be conveniently used from three sides providing a pass-through for large amounts of data and power cables securely and neatly. Moreover, it is conditioned for tough use and fortified with alloys for durability and use under demanding work conditions. The cover has a brush that eliminates the scope of cables sticking together even if the temperature rises.

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