Innovative Solutions for Waterproof Floor Box to Keep Devices Powered

Innovative Solutions for Water proof floor box

When designing your commercial space, every detail matters, as it makes a statement about your business. Wires running from the floor to the desk look unsightly and can be a trip hazard. Moreover, far-reaching electrical outlets pose ergonomic issues and inconvenience to the users. So, do not leave your workspace in a mess.

Turn to an Innovative Solutions

To ensure your commercial space does not look like a mess of wires or has poor electrical connectivity, turn to an innovative solution, a waterproof floor box. It is a premium choice that offers convenience, functionality, and style in a compact package.

Waterproof Floor Box

Connect System’s waterproof floor box offers the complete solution. Open-plan areas require connectivity for isolated events. This entirely closed electrical floor box boasts water and dust protection to ensure mechanisms are free of water and moisture, as it can withstand water flow at 1 kg/cm in any direction. We made the flap cover of heavy-duty stainless steel, giving it more strength and allowing it to withstand a load capacity of 800 kg, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. The floor box is designed to provide easy installation and removal.

Inside the pop-up is a 6 Amp universal socket, HDMI port, and Cat 6 data port/RJ45 with female-to-female Ethernet LAN connectors, offering convenience to charge your devices and stay connected. The top of the box features a quick and easy-to-use push button for quick access. Pop the box up when needed and tuck it away for a smooth surface. Our waterproof floor box is available in two sizes to meet your needs. It is available in 3 and 6 modules and is ideal for offices, hospitals, schools, and hotels.

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