Smart Solutions for your Conference Table

Round Connect of Conference table

It’s been months since we all have been working from home. You must be getting ready to head back to your office. All your office conferences must be happening at your home, but now you must move back to your office conference room. Although it’s such a common activity, having a meeting or conference in […]

Powering Your Smart Devices

Power Outlet for desk

In today’s online world, smart devices play a major role in everyone’s life. Be it a child or an adult; every single person requires some or the other device to operate. Adults working from home usually require more than one or even more smart devices. To illustrate– mobile phones being a necessity, now laptops, iPads, […]

Turn Connect for the Modern Workplace

Turn Connect

Give Your Meeting Room a Whole New Look with Turn Connect Take a good look at your meeting room. Do you see a flexible and well-organized space that can be adapted for a wide range of uses? Or you see a jumble of cords and cables running every way, cluttering the floor and the table? […]

Power Options for Tables in Modern-Day Conference Rooms

Power Options for Tables

A conference room is a meeting room where people assemble for various reasons, from educational to business-related discussions like meeting clients, carrying out training sessions for workers, or taking interviews. A conference room requires different types of equipment depending upon the type of meeting. This blog is about the Power Options for Tables in Modern-Day […]

Innovative Solutions For Your Workstation

Solutions For Your Workstation

Every workstation is develope to meet the different requirements of the user. It can be tailor-made for the specific needs of the user. In today’s competitive world, where it is difficult to outshine and be the best out of all the opponents, the existence of a solid workstation is mandatory. There are numerous solutions available […]

Move Connect

Move Connect

AV Connectivity and Cable Management with Move Connect You have an important meeting and enter the meeting room 10 minutes before the scheduled time to prepare and set things up. But wait, you have an issue with AV connectivity and the room has tangles of power cords and extenders. You call in the technical expert […]

Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger

The unique and fashionable way to charge your mobile is here. Read the below blog to know more about the Wireless Charger. This is an elegant UFO-shaped fantasy charger. So, It allows you to charge your smartphone seamlessly and securely. With its minimalistic design, you can charge any smartphone out there. Even iPhone without the […]

Connect System is now 100% Made in India

Table Boxes

On the Occasion of  The 75th Independence Day of our Nation, We are proud to announce that Our Connect System electrical solutions Are Now 100% Made in India We must ‘Make for the World’ as we ‘Make in India’: PM Modi Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on 15th August 2020 and here at Connect Systems, we […]

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